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Safety knowledge of kitchen utensils in hotel kitchens

Release Date:2021-05-31 作者:admin 点击:4612

1, every day before the market close to inform the security department to do pre-closing fire safety inspection。

2. Responsible for managing the dangerous goods warehouse according to the hotel's safety management regulations。

3. If no responsible accident occurs within one year, the hotel will give awards according to the actual situation。

4, the operator should close all the gas and fuel valves in time, cut off the gas source, fire source before leaving。

5. If the chef is the person responsible for fire safety in this department, the person responsible for fire prevention in this department shall be responsible for any accident。

6. The walls next to the kitchen stove, the lampblack hood and other easily polluted places should be cleaned every day, and the lampblack pipe should be cleaned at least once every six months。

7, the kitchen should be equipped with fire blanket, used to put out all kinds of oil pan fire。In addition, the kitchen should also be equipped with a certain amount of ABC dry powder fire extinguisher facilities, and should be placed in the obvious place for emergency needs。

8. The gas and fuel pipelines and valves in the kitchen must be checked regularly to prevent leaks。If gas and oil leakage is found, first of all, the valve should be closed, timely ventilation, and it is strictly prohibited to use any open flame and start the power switch。

9, all kinds of cookware used in the kitchen, should be selected by the national quality inspection department 7 qualified products, do not covet cheap and choose unqualified appliances。At the same time, these appliances should also be operated in strict accordance with regulations to prevent accidents。

10, when frying food, the oil in the pan should not exceed two-thirds of the oil pan, and pay attention to prevent water droplets and debris falling into the oil pan, resulting in oil overflow and fire。At the same time, the oil pan should be heated with warm fire to prevent the fire from being too fierce and the oil temperature from being too high。

11, the gas cylinder in the kitchen should be centralized management, and there should be enough spacing from the high temperature surface such as the lamp or the open flame to prevent the high temperature baking of the gas cylinder, causing flammable gas leakage and causing a fire。The stove in the kitchen should be installed on the non-combustible material, and there is enough spacing with the flammable material to prevent the burning of the flammable material。

12. Strictly abide by the fire safety management rules of Live Fat Hotel。Kitchen staff should follow the operating procedures to operate the stove and other equipment。If fire, disability and other safety accidents occur in the department, oral warning, written warning, final warning, dismissal according to the seriousness of the circumstances, in the event of a vicious accident, the accident parties and relevant responsible persons, the hotel reserves the right to pursue criminal responsibility。

13, the electrical facilities in the kitchen should be laid in strict accordance with the national technical specifications, and the phenomenon of replacing copper with aluminum is strictly prohibited。Kitchen electrical wiring should be laid with insulated wire through hard PVC plastic pipe or steel pipe for open and dark laying, pipe mouth and between pipes, pipes and other accessories, should take appropriate fire prevention measures, or use porcelain bottle open wire laying and lead wire, plastic sheathed line open。The electrical switches, sockets and other electrical equipment used in the kitchen should be closed to prevent water from infiltrating from the outside, and should be installed away from the gas and liquefied gas stove, so as to avoid the spark caused by the leakage of gas and liquefied gas combustion when opened。The various mechanical equipment running in the kitchen shall not be overloaded with electricity, and should always pay attention to prevent electrical equipment and lines from being damp during use。