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Fire hazards in hotel kitchens

Release Date:2021-05-31 作者:admin 点击:4571

First, more fuel

       The kitchen is a place where open fires are used for operations, and all fuels - such as liquefied petroleum gas, gas, natural gas, carbon, etc., if improperly operated, it is easy to cause leakage, combustion, explosion。

Second, cooking utensils are prone to accidents

       Cookware and tableware, if used improperly, can easily cause kitchen fires。In life, there are not a few cases of fire caused by improper operation of pressure cookers, steam cookers, rice cookers, freezers, ovens, etc。

 Three, improper oil will cause fire

       Kitchen oil is roughly divided into two types, one is fuel oil, and the other is cooking oil。Fuel oil refers to diesel, kerosene, large hotels and restaurants mainly use diesel。The flash point of diesel oil is low, and it is easy to cause fire during use due to improper fire adjustment and placement。

Four, heavy oil smoke

       The kitchen deals with coal and gas fire all year round,The environment of the place is generally concerned with humidity, Under these conditions,It is easy to accumulate the uneven combustor produced in the process of fuel combustion and the soot produced by the evaporation of oil and gas,The fuel oil layer and powder layer of a certain thickness are attached to the surface of the wall, lampblack pipe and range hood,If you do not clean the fume pipe in time,You have the potential to start a fire。

Five, electrical circuit hidden dangers

       In some kitchens, there is still the phenomenon of replacing copper cores with aluminum cores in decoration, wires without pipes, and switches without back covers。Under the long-term corrosion of water, electricity and oil smoke, these facilities are prone to leakage and short circuit fire。In addition, there are more machines running in the kitchen, and the overload phenomenon is serious。Especially some high-power electrical facilities, the perineum current is too large during use to cause fire。

6. Other factors

       Due to the psychology of seeing fire fear, when a fire occurs, people often take a negative escape way to deal with the initial fire, resulting in a small fire into a big fire。In addition, smoking in the kitchen, cigarette butts thrown after smoking, will also cause fire accidents;When cleaning the kitchen, there is often a disorderly water phenomenon, which is easy to enter the interior of various electrical facilities, not only easy to make electrical facilities rust and rot, but also very easy to cause electrical circuit short circuit fire。